Let’s Meet The Photographer

Hi my name is Chantal.

Chantal The Photographer

I’m a loving mum with two beautiful children, a wife, a daughter and a friend to many.

I’ve always loved taking photos in and around our beautiful city of Melbourne and country out skirts.

Although my passion has changed since becoming a parent, the fascination of capturing living and still images is exciting.

It’s a way of expressing myself and capturing those unique moments in time, it has opened my eyes to things I wouldn’t normally have noticed.

During that millisecond of the shutter closing, everything is stopped in time, it slows you down and allows you to appreciate natures finest.

Chantal Holden Photographer

That beautiful bird in a tree or the small cluster of mushrooms that I once walked by.

What truly excites me is the love and joy found in others while cuddling their fur baby at the local doggie park.

My children quickly grew accustom to having a lens focusing in on them.

My hands are always full with camera and tripod, especially on family adventures into the bush, to the beach on a really hot day and cold days down at my friends farm. And the sunsets, they are truly unique every time.

Photography has really become an unleashed passion of mine.

I continue to amaze myself with the energy that develops while my own personal style is challenged with all that’s new around me.

Umm the expectations I have of myself, come let me share them with you!